Mondays - Tuesdays -Thursdays - Sundays  at  5pm  

$10 per class

$30 per week

$80 month


Kickboxing Cardio you will learn breathing, techniques, combinations, movements, and training methods used by kickboxers and Mixed Martial Artists today.  

Most workouts are boring or so hard and long you don't have any fun!!!!  With Martial Arts, you are having so much fun while you're doing it, you do not realize how much you are working out.  It is the ULTIMATE STRESS RELIEVER and much more than just a physical workout.  You will challenge your mind and body, and see progress in both!  All skill levels welcome, beginners are strongly encouraged to try this class!


Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition is the most important part of any health goal.  If you are stuck at a plateau, a quick change to your nutrition will get you back on track. 


First consultation - 60-90 minutes $45 (can meet at a different location for additional cost)

We will go over which foods to include in your diet for your specific goals, and which foods to avoid.  We will break down YOUR situation and create a meal plan that suits you perfectly and can help you reach your health goals. 


Follow ups - 30-60 minutes $20 (can meet at a different location for additional cost)

Following up with the previous consultation, or follow up, we will touch base on what you've been eating and the results you are getting from that.  If any changes are needed/wanted we will discuss and set a plan accordingly. 

All classes and consultations are held at -

OTC Fighting and Fitness

7780 Steubenville Pike

Oakdale Pa, 15071


Please contact Bobby 


for any information

Women Only Self Defense Class

Call or email now to set up your 4-week program (minimum of 2 people)

$40 per person for a 4-week program.  

We will work together with your schedule to set up your program.  The classes will be once a week, and they will last for four weeks.  To enter you must have at least one other person join the program with you.  


Directly based on functional MMA moves and techniques that you can actually use to defend yourself and others.  Not only will you learn something new DAILY,  these classes will raise skills in self defense, street awareness, and teach you some pretty cool martial arts moves too.

7780 Steubenville pike oakdale pa

Running Class